Jim Beall and his 1926
Model T Pickup

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August 2016 is HERE!


Sunday August 28th. Car show at the Orting Soldier's Home beginning at noon!

Next meeting is September 3rd at the Wilkeson Eagles! At least if they are open. I confirmed with them at the end of last meeting that the September meeting will still be a "go" but at dinner last night up there I was approached by a Trustee (same one) who said; "Did you know that was Labor Day Weekend?" I said YEP! That is what we talked about it a month ago!

Work on the calendar for 2017 has stopped. As a club we concluded they are entirely too expensive.

But wait!! Russ Larson (and someone else but I forget who) have taken this on for a local manufacturing job. YEA Team!


Don't forget next meeting there will be a fella by the name of Dick who will attend our meeting with parts for sale from his father's estate. Dick isn't a T guy but I guess his father was an avid collector.


That's all for now.

Rice Tour 2011

My goal this year is to add one new member to our club roster every month. So far we are doing great! Keep up the good work!



No matter how far away from home you are when you
break down we will get you home!


Remember to bring your Model T so I can take your picture of it and you so I can add you to our members page.



Joker Poker is up to??.
No winner again!


Don't forget to order your jackets!


Shawn Reiman at Shawn has the prices and contact information for the embroidery and has graciously volunteered to head this effort for us. Thanks Shawn!


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